The following control solutions are supported by the XiO Cloud® service.

3-Series Control Systems

  • AV3: 3-Series® Control System (Discontinued)
  • CP3: 3-Series® Control System (Discontinued)
  • CP3N: 3-Series® Control System (Discontinued)
  • DIN-AP3: 3-Series® DIN Rail Control System (Discontinued)
  • DIN-AP3MEX: 3-Series® DIN Rail Control System with infiNET EX® and ER Wireless Gateway (Discontinued)
  • PRO3: 3-Series® Control System (Discontinued)
  • RMC3: 3-Series® Control System (Discontinued)

4-Series Control Systems

  • AV4: 4-Series™ Control System (Discontinued)
  • CP4: 4-Series™ Control System
  • CP4N: 4-Series™ Control System
  • DIN-AP4: 4-Series™ DIN Rail Control System
  • MC4: 4-Series™ Control System
  • MC4-I: 4-Series™ Control System, International
  • PRO4: 4-Series™ Control System (Discontinued)
  • RMC4: 4-Series™ Control System

Crestron Virtual Control Server-Based Control Systems

  • VC-4-PC-3: Computer with Crestron Virtual Control Server Software
  • VC-4-ROOM: Crestron Virtual Control Server Software - Single-Room License

Media Presentation Controllers

  • MPC3-101-B: 3-Series® Media Presentation Controller 101, Black (Discontinued)
  • MPC3-102-B: 3-Series® Media Presentation Controller 102, Black
  • MPC3-201-B: 3-Series® Media Presentation Controller 201, Black
  • MPC3-302-B: 3-Series® Media Presentation Controller 302, Black
  • MPC3-302-W: 3-Series® Media Presentation Controller 302, White