Pair Apple TV with Apple HomeKit

Use Apple HomeKit™ technology to pair and control an Apple TV® device. The TSR-310 handheld remote can be used to issue Siri® voice commands and to control an Apple TV.

NOTE: For help with Apple devices, including configuration and operation, refer to Apple Support.

Configuration Requirements

  • The Crestron Home processor, iPad, and Apple TV must use the following firmware:

    • Crestron Home processor: 3.16 or higher

    • iPad: iOS version 16 or higher.

    • Apple TV: tvOS version 16.0

  • Connect up to five Apple TV devices in the system.

  • For each room in the Crestron Home system:

    • Add only one Apple TV device in the room.

    • Add only one TSR-310 handheld remote in the room.

  • For each Apple TV device:

    • Use the same connection type (wired or wireless) for all Apple TV devices. Do not mix wired and wireless connection types.

    • Disable the Sleep/Standby and HomeHub functions.

  • The Crestron Home processor, iPad, and Apple TV must be connected to the same network and use the same subnet mask. For the best results, connect all devices to a private switch.
  • The Crestron Home processor must be registered on myCrestron ( prior to performing this procedure. To add the Crestron Home processor to myCrestron, refer to myCrestron Residential Monitoring Service.

Set Up Apple HomeKit with Crestron Home

NOTE: Use the customer's iPad and Apple TV to complete this procedure.

Configure the Apple TV

Configure the Apple TV device using the remote supplied with the device.

To configure the Apple TV device:

  1. Go to Settings > General and configure these settings:

    1. In the About menu, set the name for the Apple TV. This name is used when adding the device in the Crestron Home Setup app.

    2. In the Sleep After menu, set the sleep (standby) time to never.

    3. In the Users and Accounts menu, sign in using the customer's Apple ID and password.

  2. Go to AirPlay and HomeKit and configure these settings:

    1. In the AirPlay menu, turn AirPlay On.

    2. In the HomeKit menu, select the room that the Apple TV is in and make sure that the correct Apple TV name is displayed.

    3. In the HomeHub menu, select Disable.

Turn On iCloud Keychain

Configure the customer's Apple ID to use the iCloud Keychain.

To turn on iCloud Keychain, tap the Settings > [user name] > iCloud > Keychain and then turn on iCloud Keychain.

Verify the Connection between the Apple TV and the iPad

The Apple TV is shown in the Apple Home app after the Apple TV and the iPad have been properly configured. Verify that the Apple TV is displayed within the Apple Home app and that the Apple TV can be controlled from within the Apple Home app.

  1. Open the Apple Home app, the Apple TV should appear in the room defined while setting up the Apple TV.

    NOTE: If the Apple TV does not appear, refer to the Troubleshooting steps that follow.

  2. Use the remote control that is supplied with the Apple TV and start playing a video.
  3. In the Apple Home app, the Apple TV icon should indicate that a video is playing.
  4. Control the video using the Apple Home app:

    • Tap the icon to pause the video, the icon indicates that the video is paused. Verify that the video on the connected TV is paused.
    • Tap the icon again to play the video, the icon should indicate that the video is playing. Verify that the video on the connected TV is playing.

Pair the Crestron Home Processor with Apple HomeKit

The Crestron Home processor functions as a bridge device to facilitate communications between the Crestron Home system and the Apple TV device.

To pair the processor with Apple HomeKit:

  1. In the Crestron Home Setup app, go to System Settings Icon Settings > System Control Options > HomeKit™ Settings and then select Pair Now.

  2. The pairing instructions are displayed. If the Crestron Home processor shipped without a QR code the HomeKit code is displayed.

    Crestron Home Processor with QR Code

    Crestron Home Processor without QR Code

  3. On the Customer's iPad, enter the HomeKit setup code:

    • Crestron Home processors with a HomeKit QR code: In the Apple Home app, select  Add > Add Accessory and then scan the QR code. The Apple HomeKit code is also supplied within the packaging for the Crestron Home processor.

    • Crestron Home processors without a HomeKit QR code: Select  Add > Add Accessory > More options and then enter the setup code shown in the Crestron Home Setup app.

  4. A success message is displayed when the pairing is complete. SelectGot it.

Add the Apple TV

Use the Crestron Home Setup app to add the Apple TV device to the system.

To add the Apple TV device:

  1. In the Device Types menu, go to DriversStreaming PlayerApple.

  2. In the Select a room menu, select the room where the Apple TV is installed.
  3. In the Apple menu, select Apple TV HomeKit and then select  Add.

    NOTE: If the control processor is not paired with Apple HomeKit, a dialog box is displayed to perform the pairing process. For details, refer to Pair the Crestron Home Processor with Apple HomeKit.

  4. Select or enter the name assigned to the Apple TV device and then select OK. The name must match the name assigned in the Apple TV settings.

Select a Different Apple TV

To change select a different Apple TV for the room, select Edit and then select a new Apple TV.

Configure Settings

Configure the device after it is added to the room. Tap the gear button  next to the device name to display a Settings dialog box. For details, refer toVideo Source Settings.

Source Routes

Configure the source routes for the Apple TV device. For details, refer to Source Routes.


NOTE: If the connection to the Apple TV is lost after restarting the Crestron Home processor, restart the Apple TV to reestablish the connection

Apple TV devices cannot be controlled after power outage or after pairing the Crestron Home processor with HomeKit:

  • Reboot the Apple TV device.

The TSR-310 handheld remote does not trigger Siri after pairing the Crestron Home processor with HomeKit:

  • Reboot the Apple TV device.

The Crestron Bridge accessory does not appear on the iOS device for pairing:

  • Make sure the Crestron Home system, iPad, and Apple TV on the same network.
  • Force close the Apple Home app.
  • Reboot the iPad.
  • Reboot the Crestron Home system and try again.

The iPad device fails to pair with HomeKit:

  • Reboot the Crestron Home system, Apple TV and the iPad.
  • Remove the Apple TV from the iPad and add it again.

The media source is offline or clicks on the media control buttons are not reflected on the Apple TV:

  • Restart the Apple TV.
  • Make sure source routes are configured properly.
  • Make sure the name of the Apple TV device matches the name selected in the Crestron Home Setup app.