Advanced Settings

Tap the Advanced tab to display the advanced functions for the device.

Hide Display

Select the Hide this display checkbox to hide the display on the Crestron Home User Interface when the display is mirrored with another display in the room. To configure mirrored displays, refer to Mirror Displays.

Receive Stereo Signal

When a TV is configured to play audio, the audio stream over the network can be configured so that the TV receives either surround sound or stereo audio. To receive stereo audio on the TV, go to the display settings, select the Advanced tab, and then select Inputs require stereo signal. The audio route will prefer devices that support multichannel downmixing.

Enable Logging

Turn on driver logging to view logs for Crestron Driver devices. Logging can be turned on for only one device at a time.

When driver logging is turned on:

  • The Crestron Home system saves the logs for Crestron Driver devices.
  • The logs are retained between reboots.
  • Driver logging remains on between reboots.

IMPORTANT: Turn off logging when finished. Leaving driver logging on may cause system performance issues.

To turn on driver logging:

  1. Select the Devices tab and then a device.
  2. Select  Settings.

  3. Open the Advanced tab.
  4. To turn on driver logging, select the Enable logging.

To view the logs, use the system diagnostics. For details, refer to Diagnostics.