Health Settings

Use the Health tab to restart the device or to hide the device from the Health Dashboard.


Restart or power cycle devices that are controlled by a PDU or support the reboot command when sent over the network. The Cycle button displays when the device's power supply is connected to a power bank on a networked power controller and the Reboot button displays when an Ethernet device can be restarted using the reboot command.

  • Cycle: Power cycle the power bank associated with the device on the networked power controller.
  • Reboot: Restart a device over the network.

The Status field indicates if the device is power cycling, rebooting, or idle. Idle indicates that the device power cycling or restarting. If an error occurs while the device is restarting, a Reboot Failed message is displayed until the device is restarted or power cycled again.

Hide from Health Dashboard

To hide the device from the health dashboard, select Hide device from Health Dashboard.