Interrupt Settings

Use the Interrupts tab to enable, disable, and configure the interrupts for a device.

An interrupt is a notification from the Crestron Home system that informs the user that an event has occurred. When an interrupt event occurs, a message describing the event is displayed on the user interface devices (Crestron touch screens, iOS® devices, and Android™ devices) in the home. Additionally, audio that is playing in the room may be momentarily muted and a chime can be played.

Interrupts are supported by the following devices:

Device Type Enabled/Disabled (Default) Event
Burglary Alarm Enabled Burglary alarm is activated
Doorbell Enabled Doorbell is activated
Door Lock Enabled Door is unlocked
Door Sensor Disabled Door is opened
Driveway Sensor Enabled Driveway sensor is activated
Garage Door Disabled Garage door is opened
Gate Disabled Gate is opened
Occupancy Sensor Disabled Occupancy sensor is activated
Security System Enabled (for alarm events) Security system event is activated
Smoke Alarm Enabled Smoke alarm is activated
Water Alarm Enabled Water alarm is activated
Window Alarm Enabled Window alarm is activated


  • There is no interrupt when occupancy is detected by the Grace Occupancy feature on a Crestron occupancy sensor.
  • Devices that are paired with the Crestron Home system prior to the introduction of the interrupts feature will have their interrupt enabled or disabled according to the list above. For example, the interrupt for a Smoke Alarm will be enabled when the system is updated.

Tap the Interrupts tab to configure the interrupts for the device.

NOTE: Touch screens that do not have speakers display the interrupt messages but cannot play the associated sound.

  • Event: The action that triggers the interrupt.
  • Enabled: To enable or disable the interrupt for the device, tap the check box next to Enabled. When an interrupt is enabled, it is displayed in the Crestron Home user interface.
  • Bypass Do Not Disturb: Tap the check box to override the Do Not Disturb setting for the room and play the chime for the interrupt.
  • Message: The message that is displayed on the user interface device when the interrupt occurs. The default interrupt message is "[Device Name] in [Room Name]." For example, "Occupancy Sensor in Living Room."

    To display a custom message, enter the message in the field. To revert to the default message, select Reset.

  • Prefer Room Speakers: Available for systems with DM NAX™ devices. Plays the interrupt using the speakers in the room.

  • Mute Whole House: To mute the audio that is playing in any media room, tap the check box next to Mute Whole House. The audio is muted for the time set in the Duration field. The default Mute Whole House setting is enabled.
  • Duration: The length of time that the audio in the room is muted. The duration can be set between 1 and 60 seconds. The default duration is 5 seconds.