Thermostat Settings

Tap the gear button next to the device name to display a Settings dialog box for the thermostat. The About tab is selected and displays the device information.

Note: The available settings may vary based on the capabilities of the device.


Tap the Status tab to view the thermostat status.


Use the Update tab to update the device firmware.

  • Current Version: Displays the current firmware version for the gateway.
  • Available Version: Displays the available firmware version for the gateway.
  • Update: If a firmware update is available, tap Update to update the firmware.
  • Check For Update: Tap the Check For Update button to search for firmware updates for the gateway.

Outdoor Sensor

Use the Outdoor Sensor tab to select the outdoor temperature sensor that is used for the HVAC system.

To use the outdoor temperature sensor connected to the current thermostat, select Connected Sensor, or, to use the outdoor temperature sensor connected to a different thermostat, select the thermostat.

Device Settings

Use the Device Settings tab to set the temperature scale that is displayed in the Crestron Home user interface and other thermostat settings.

  • Temperature Scale: Select Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • System Failsafe Temperature: The temperature used for safe operation when there is no connection to a control system. Select a temperature from the list.
  • Main Valve Time Delay: The delay before opening the main valve.
  • Heat Anticipator: The sensitivity, in relation to the setpoint, that controls the heat cycle frequency and response times. A lower number provides more frequent cycles and a faster response. A higher number provides less frequent cycles and a slower response.

Channel Settings

Use the Channel Settings tab to set the temperature offset for the temperature sensor. The temperature offset adjusts the reading from the temperature sensor and the temperature display for the room. The channel number and current temperature are also displayed.

To set the temperature offset, select a value from the list.

DIN-1TSTAT8 Settings

Replace Device

Use the Replace Device tab to replace the thermostat.

Voice Control

Use the Voice Control tab to configure the voice control settings.

NOTE: To use voice control, voice control services must be turned on and configured. For details, refer to Voice Control Settings.

  • Enable Status: Select Enable or Disable to turn voice control services on or off.
  • Description: Enter a descriptive name. The name is used by the voice control services.

Control Options

Use the Control Options tab to show or hide the fan controls in the Crestron Home Setup app and Crestron Home user interface.

To hide the fan controls, deselect Enable Fan Control.