Migrate Crestron Wireless Devices to a Different Gateway

If necessary, migrate Crestron wireless devices to a different gateway. When Crestron wireless devices are migrated, the wireless device is removed from the wireless gateway and transferred to a new gateway. All programming is retained when devices are migrated.

IMPORTANT: The Crestron wireless gateway must be factory fresh or from within the same system.

To migrate Crestron wireless devices to a different gateway:

  1. Write down the serial number and location for all devices that will be migrated.


    • To view the name, location, and serial number for all devices acquired by a gateway, view theDevices tab in the gateway's settings dialog. For details, refer to Gateway Settings.
    • Alternatively, perform this procedure one device at a time for all of the devices that need to be migrated.
  2. Tap  Settings next to the device name to display a Settings dialog box for the device and then tap the Replace Device tab. For details, refer to Gateway Settings.

  3. Tap Remove Device and then tap OK to confirm.
  4. In the confirmation dialog that displays tap OK to confirm. A virtual copy of the device remains in the room and is identified with orange triangles in the device icon. The virtual device preserves all of the programming that is associated with the device.

  5. If necessary, add a new wireless gateway (CEN-GWEXER or CEN-GW1) to the system. For details, refer to Add a Gateway.
  6. Place the CEN-GWEXER or CEN-GW1 into acquire mode and then acquire the wireless device. For details, refer to Crestron Wireless Devices.
  7. Select the room where the device is installed from the Select a room menu.
  8. Select the device from the wireless gateway's menu and then select  Add.
  9. A dialog displays asking if the device will replace a virtual device in the room. To replace the device that was previously removed, tap Yes.

  10. The Virtual Device List displays the virtual devices in the room. To replace a device, select the virtual device from theVirtual Device List and then tap OK.