Restore a Crestron Home Processor to Factory Settings

NOTE: If the Crestron Home processor is responsive, factory reset the processor using the Crestron Home Setup app. For details, refer to Reset to Factory Defaults.

If the Crestron Home processor is no longer communicating with Crestron Toolbox via USB or Ethernet, use the following procedure to restore the device to its factory default settings.


  • All configured settings and all devices that are paired with the Crestron Home processor are erased during a factory restore.
  • If required, download the backup files from the myCrestron Residential Monitoring Service before proceeding.

To factory reset the Crestron Home processor:

NOTE: Use a small, pointed object (such as the tip of a pen) to press the buttons on the processor.

  1. Press and release the HW‑R button on the Crestron Home processor.
  2. Within 3 seconds, press the SW‑R button on the Crestron Home processor five times, with under a 1‑second gap between each press. The processor begins the factory reset process and then reboots. The process may take up to 15 minutes to complete.
  3. Connect to the processor using Crestron Toolbox™ software and then use the Text Console tool to check for a prompt. The standard device prompt should display.