DSC Security System

The DSC security system must be configured to work with the Crestron Home system.

NOTE: For serial communication with PC1864, PC1832, and PC1616 control panels, the DSC IT-100 Data Interface Module is required.


The following models are supported:

  • HS2128 - PowerSeries Neo Control Panel
  • HS2064 - PowerSeries Neo Control Panel
  • HS2032 - PowerSeries Neo Control Panel
  • HS2016-4 - PowerSeries Neo Control Panel
  • HS2016 - PowerSeries Neo Control Panel
  • PC1864 - PowerSeries Control Panel
  • PC1832 - PowerSeries Control Panel
  • PC1616 - PowerSeries Control Panel

NOTE: The systems listed above support keypad emulation. They do not support an area list for systems that support areas, area control to arm or disarm the system (including storing the password on the UI device), programming area arm or disarm events, and triggering area commands from button or trigger events via scenes.


The DSC IT-100 Data Interface Module should be connected to the Crestron Home system as shown below:

NOTE: The serial port is configured to communicate at 9,600 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, and no parity. There is no hardware or software flow control.

Crestron Home System DSC IT-100 (DB9F)
GND Pin 5
TX Pin 2
RX Pin 3


Wire the keypads and the DSC IT-100 Data Interface Module identically and in parallel. Terminate the devices on the keypad terminals on the control panel.

When the control panel is initially powered, there may be two faults on the system. To view the faults, enter *2 on the hardware panel. It may be necessary to set the time and date and also to disable the Telephone Line Monitoring (TLM).

Basic Setup Information:


  • The default Master Code is 1234. If a 6-digit master code is enabled, the default master code is 123456.
  • The default Installer Code is 5555.

Set the time and date:

  1. Press *6 + [Master-Code] to access the User Functions menu.
  2. Press 1 to access the time and date menu.
  3. Enter the time and date using the following format [hhmm]+[MMDDYY]. Enter the time using the 24-hour time system (for example, 8:30 PM is entered as 2030).
  4. Press # # to save and exit.

Disable the Telephone Line Monitoring (TLM).:

  1. Press *8 + [Installer-Code] to access the Installer Programming menu.
  2. Press 015 to access the Third System Options menu.
  3. Press 7 to select TLM Disabled (off).
  4. Press # # to save and exit.

For Stay mode to function, at least one zone must be set to 05 (Interior, Stay/Away). To configure the zones:

  1. Press *8 + [Installer-Code] to access the Installer Programming menu.
  2. Press 001, 002, 003, or 004 to enter the zone definitions for section 001, 002, 003, or 004. There are 16 zones in each section.
  3. Configure the zones as needed. At least one zone needs to be set to 05 (Interior, Stay/Away).

    For example:

    Zone 1 - 01 (Delay 1)

    Zone 2 - 03 (Instant)

    Zone 3 - 03 (Instant)

    Zone 4 - 03 (Instant)

    Zone 5 - 05 (Interior, Stay/Away)

    Zone 6 - 05 (Interior, Stay/Away)

  4. Press # # to save and exit.