The following cameras work with Crestron Home OS.

For a list of camera features and settings that have been confirmed to function properly within a Crestron Home OS system, refer to Camera Compatibility Specifications.

Note: To view h.265 on iOS devices, use an iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPad (6th generation), iPad Air (3rd generation), iPad mini (5th generation), iPad Pro (10.5/11 inch), or iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd generation) or later that is running iOS 11 or later. For details, refer to Using HEIF or HEVC media on Apple devices.

Axis Cameras

The following Axis cameras work with Crestron Home OS.

  • M1065-L - Full-Featured HDTV 1080p Camera with PoE and Edge Storage
  • M3045-V - HDTV 1080p fixed mini dome with HDMI
  • M4206-V - Varifocal Mini Dome with HDMI® Output
  • M5065 - Palm-sized PTZ camera with 5x optical zoom and Wireless I/O
  • P3225-LV Mk II - Streamlined HDTV 1080p Fixed Dome for any Light Conditions
  • P3245-V - Streamlined HDTV 1080p fixed dome

Bosch Cameras

The following Bosch cameras work with Crestron Home OS.

  • NDI‑5503 - FLEXIDOME IP Starlight 5000i IR

Dahua Cameras

The following Dahua cameras work with Crestron Home OS.

  • 22204UENI - 2MP 4x Mini PTZ

  • 1A404XBNR - 4MP Starlight Mini Network PTZ with Analytics+

  • N82AL32 - 8MP 2.8mm Starlight Dome

  • N45DJ62 - 4MP IR Eyeball Starlight+ 2.8mm ePoE Network Camera

  • IPC-HDW3449TM-AS-LED - 4MP Full-color Warm LED Fixed-focal Eyeball WizSense Network Camera

  • 5A445XANR - 4MP 45x IR Starlight PTZ Network Camera with Smart Motion Detection

Digital Watchdog Cameras

The following Digital Watchdog® cameras work with Crestron Home OS.




Hikvision Cameras

The following Hikvision cameras work with Crestron Home OS.

  • DS-2CD2743G1-IZS - 4 MP Outdoor IR Varifocal Dome Camera

  • DS-2CD2E20F-W - Recessed Mount Dome IP camera 2MP, 2.8 mm (106°) fixed lens, Wi-Fi Communication

  • DS-2CD5146G0-IZS - 4MP DarkFighter Indoor Moto Varifocal Dome Network Camera

  • DS-2DE2204IW-DE3 - 2 MP Indoor 4x Network IR PTZ Camera

    NOTE: A momentary flash may be seen when entering the stream view.

  • DS-2DF6A236X-AEL - 6 in. 2 MP 36X DarkFighter Network Speed Dome

  • DS-2CD2745FWD-IZS - 4 MP Powered-by-DarkFighter Varifocal Dome Network Camera

  • DS-2DE2A404IW-DE3 - 2-inch 4 MP 4X Powered by DarkFighter IR Network Speed Dome

  • DS-2CD2645G1-IZS - 4 MP Powered-by-DarkFighter Varifocal Bullet Network Camera

IC Realtime Cameras

The following IC Realtime cameras work with Crestron Home OS.

  • ICIP-P2012T - 2MP 12x Starlight PTZ Network Camera

    NOTE: Allows up to three simultaneous connections.

  • ICR-D4732Z - 4MP WDR IR Dome Network Camera

  • IPEL-E80F-IRW1 - 8MP IR Eyeball Network Camera

  • IPFX-B20V-IRW1 - 2MP IR Bullet Network Camera

  • IPMX-D20F-IRW1 - 2MP IP Indoor/Outdoor Small Size Vandal Dome

  • IPFX-D40V-IRW1 - 4MP IP Indoor/Outdoor Mid Size Vandal Dome

Illumivue Cameras

The following Illumivue cameras work with Crestron Home OS.

  • IP8B-NL - 8MP IP Bullet Camera with NightLight

  • IP5PTZ-NL - 5MP IP PTZ Camera with NightLight and NightColor

  • IP5VD-NC - 5MP Vandal Dome Camera with NightColor

  • IP4MVD-NC - IP Vandal Mini Dome Camera with NightColor

  • IP5T-NL - IP Turret with NightLight Camera

  • IP4T-NC - 4MP IP Turret camera with NightColor

Lilin Cameras

The following Lilin cameras work with Crestron Home OS.

  • MR652B - 1080P Day & Night Fixed IR Vandal Resistant IP Dome Camera

  • MR6822E2 - 1080P Day & Night Fixed IR IP Mini Dome Camera

  • PZD6422EX3 - 3X Day & Night 1080P HD Vandal Resistant Mini Fast Dome IP Camera

  • SD2222E2 - 1080P Fixed IP Dome Camera

  • Z2R6522X - 1080P Day & Night Auto Focus IR Vandal Resistant IP Dome Camera

  • Z2R8052EX25 - 5MP Day & Night Vari-Focal IR Vandal Resistant IP Bullet Camera

  • Z3R6522X - 1080P Day & Night Auto Focus IR Vandal Resistant Dome IP Camera

  • ZHR6482EX2 - 4K Day & Night Auto Focus IR Vandal Resistant IP Dome Camera

  • ZMR8442X - 4MP Day & Night Auto Focus IR Vandal Resistant IP Bullet Camera

SnapAV Cameras

The following SnapAV cameras work with Crestron Home OS.

  • VI-M-4340-VT - Visualint™ 4MP IP Dome Outdoor Camera with Motorized Lens + Virtual Technician

    NOTE: Add the camera manually to allow snapshot to work. Use the following URI format: http://<IP addres of camera>/

  • LUM-500-FISH-IP-WH - Luma Surveillance™ 500 Series Fisheye IP Outdoor Camera

    NOTE: Set configuration to use Fish Cam and 1 PTZ cam in order for snapshot preview to work. There will be a 10+ second delay before stream appears.

  • LUM-510-DOM-IP-WH - Luma Surveillance™ 510 Series Dome IP Outdoor Camera

Uniview Cameras

The following Uniview cameras work with Crestron Home OS.

  • IPC6322LR-X22-C - 22X IR Network PTZ Dome Camera

  • IPC3615SB-ADF28KM-I0 - 5MP HD LightHunter IR Fixed Eyeball Network Camera

  • IPC2225SE-DF40K-WL-10 - 5MP HD Intelligent ColorHunter Fixed Bullet Network Camera

  • IPC3615ER3-ADUPF28M - 5MP WDR LightHunter Network IR Fixed Dome Camera

  • IPC2128SB-ADF28KMC-10 - 8MP HD Intelligent Light and Audible Warning Fixed Bullet Network Camera