Configuration Tab

Use the Configuration tab to name the configuration, select the control processor, and enter the customer information.

  • System Name: Enter a descriptive name for the configuration. The system name is used to identify the configuration within myCrestron and also for the system name in the Crestron Home Setup app. The default system name is "System-[date]-[time]".
  • Processor: Select a Crestron Home processor (CP4-R, MC4-R, PC4-R, or DIN-AP4-R) for the configuration. The processor type determines the validation settings used for the other tabs. Once the processor is selected, it cannot be changed.


    • The configuration must be loaded onto a control processor that matches the selection. For example, if the MC4-R control processor is selected as the processor, the configuration cannot be loaded onto a CP4-R control processor.

    • The PYNG-HUB control processor cannot be selected for new configurations. Existing configurations for the PYNG-HUB will still be accessible.

  • Customer Name: Enter the name of the customer.
  • Customer Address: Enter the Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code, and Country Region of the customer.