Shading Tab

Add and configure shades and drapes using the Shading tab.

Add a Shade or Drape

To add a shade or drape:

  1. Select  Add Device.

    Tip: Alternatively, on the Room Settings screen, select Add Shade or Add Drape.

  2. Enter the required information in the Add Device dialog:

    1. Room: Select a room from the drop-down menu.
    2. Shading Group: Select a shade group for the shade or drape.
    3. Type: Select Shade or Drape from the drop-down menu.

    4. Model: Select a shade or drape motor from the drop-down menu.

    5. Name: Enter a name in the box.
    6. Local Power Supply: Select a power supply for the shade or drape. If using a centralized power supply, select None.
    7. Gateway: Select a wireless gateway for the shade or drape.
  3. Click + Add. The dialog remains open to add more devices. To exit, select Close.

Edit Shade or Drape Settings

Change the shade information, such as the gateway type, room, gateway name, and serial number after the module is added to the configuration.

To edit a shade:

  1. Select a gateway from the Equipment menu and then select the Settings tab.
  2. Update the room, shading group, name, facing, material, serial number, and reference number.

  3. Select Apply.

Shade Groups

Add shade groups to control all shades in the group as if they were one shade.


  • Empty shade groups will not transfer over to the processor when the system is deployed.
  • Shades and shade groups created using the Add Shading Group function cannot be edited within the Crestron Home Setup app after the system is deployed. To update the shade group, use the Crestron Home Configurator to update the shade group and then redeploy the system.
  • Shade groups created by assigning facing and material information.
  • Shades and shade groups configured using Crestron Home Configurator operate independently from shades and shade groups configured using the Crestron Home Setup app.

To create a shade group:

  1. Select  Add Shading Group.
  2. Enter the required information for the group.

    • Name: Enter a name in the box.

    • Room: Select a room from the drop-down menu.

    • Shading Devices: Select shades to add to the group.

Room Settings

To view the room settings, select a room. The Devices list displays a list of devices in the room. You can change the room name, edit the serial numbers, and add devices.

Change the Room Name

To change the room name, enter a name in the Room Name box and then click Apply.

Change the Serial Number

To change the serial number for a device:

  1. Select Edit and then enter a serial number in the Serial Number box.

  2. Click Update.