Add a camera to the Crestron Home system.

NOTE: All cameras in the system must use a static or reserved IP address.

Add an ONVIF Camera

To add an ONVIF camera:

  1. In the Select a room menu, select a room for the device.
  2. In the Device Types menu, go to Other > Cameras. The system scans for ONVIF cameras and displays them in the Cameras menu.

    Pair Devices Screen

  3. Select a camera and then + Add.

    NOTE: If the ONVIF camera is not found, select Manual ONVIF Camera and then + Add. Enter the required information.

  4. A dialog displays stating that the camera must have a static or reserved IP address. Tap OK to confirm.

    NOTE: If a static or reserved IP address has not been set, tap Cancel, then configure the ONVIF camera with a static or reserved IP address, and then tap Rescan.

  5. Enter a descriptive name and connection details for the ONVIF camera. If authentication is required, select Requires Authentication and then enter the User Name and Password for the camera.

  6. Tap OK. The camera is added to the room.
  7. Configure the ONVIF camera after it is added to the room. Tap the gear button next to the ONVIF camera to display a Settings dialog box. For details, refer to Device Settings.

Remove an ONVIF Camera

To remove an ONVIF camera from a room:

  1. Select the ONVIF camera that you would like to remove.
  2. Tap the back arrow (<) next to the ONVIF camera to remove the device from the room. The device is removed from the room and is added back to the Other menu.