Pair DM NAX Devices

Add Crestron DM NAX™ devices to the Crestron Home system.

Add a DM NAX Device

To add a DM NAX device:

  1. In the Device Types menu, select Crestron Wired and Wi-Fi.

  2. Select Ethernet and Wi-Fi from the Crestron Wired and Wi‑Fi menu. The system scans the network for unpaired devices and displays the devices in the Ethernet and Wi-Fi menu.

    NOTE: If necessary, tap Rescan to rescan the selected network for any unpaired devices.

  3. In the Ethernet and Wi-Fi menu, select a device and then select  Add.

  4. If prompted, create a Common Device Password for the Crestron Home processor and then select OK. The username is "chdevice". The Create a Common Device Password dialog is displayed when the Common Device password is not created in the control processor settings.

  5. If prompted, enter admin credentials for the device and then select OK. The Please Enter Device Credentials dialog is displayed when an administrator-level user exists on the gateway. The credentials are required to add the "chdevice" user to the device.


    • Entering device credentials is typically required for devices where the first connection was made using Crestron Toolbox™ software or the Web UI and login credentials were created.
    • If the "chdevice" user exists on the device, consider the following:

      • The device password matches the Common Device Password set in the Crestron Home system, there will not be a prompt for device credentials.

      • The device password does not match the Common Device Password set in the Crestron Home system, the password on the device will be changed to the password set on the Crestron Home system.

  6. Enter a name for the device and then select OK.

  7. Configure the device after it is added to the room. Tap  Settings next to the device name to display a Settings dialog box. For details, refer to Device Settings.

Streaming Services and Profiles

Create profiles and assign streaming services using the DM NAX™ device. For details, go to the DM NAX Product Manual at

Source Routes

Configure the source routes for each source input and speaker output. For details, refer to Source Routes.


Enable chimes using the Crestron Home Setup app and configure chimes using the Crestron Home app.

Crestron Home Setup App

Enable Interrupts for the device in the Crestron Home Setup app. To play chimes in a room, select Prefer Room Speakers. For details, refer to Interrupt Settings.

Crestron Home App

Configure the chime in the Crestron Home app. For each room and each event, turn on or off the chime and set the chime volume. The chime sound is set for all devices in the house. For details, refer to Settings.

Remove a DM NAX Device from a Room

When a DM NAX device is removed from a room, it is placed in the gateway's device list.

To remove a DM NAX device from a room:

  1. Select a Crestron Wireless device.
  2. Select < Remove.

Delete a DM NAX Device

NOTE: The device must be reacquired if it needs to be added back to the system.

To delete DM NAX devices from the gateway:

  1. In the gateway's device list, select a device.
  2. Select  Delete and then OK.