Pair Third-Party Keypads

Add third-party keypad devices to the Crestron Home system.

Add a Third-Party Keypad

Third-party keypads are paired in the same manner as native Cresnet® devices. For additional information, refer to Crestron Wired and Wi-Fi Devices.

NOTE: Crestron Connected® third-party keypads are supported.

To add a third-party keypad device:

  1. In the Device Types menu, select Crestron Wired and Wi-Fi.

  2. Select a Cresnet Gateway from the Crestron Wired and Wi‑Fi menu. The system scans the network for unpaired devices and displays the devices in the Cresnet Gateway menu.

    NOTE: If necessary, tap Rescan to rescan the selected network for any unpaired devices.

  3. In the Cresnet Gateway menu, select a device and then select  Add.

  4. Enter a name for the device and select a keypad layout.

  5. Select OK.

Configure Third-Party Keypads

Tap the gear button next to the device name to display a Settings dialog box. For details, refer to Third-Party Keypad Settings.

Assign Actions to Buttons

Buttons on third-party keypads can be arranged in a variety of patterns. The Actions & Events screen displays the buttons for third-party keypads in a vertical list. Unlike Crestron keypads, the list does not represent the location of buttons on the keypad.

For simplicity, the buttons on third-party keypads with one column of buttons are ordered from top to bottom and keypads with two columns of buttons are ordered from left to right and then top to bottom.

Button Layout Examples - One Column of Buttons (Left) and Two Columns of Buttons (Right)

To assign actions to buttons on a third-party keypad:

  1. Select a button.

  2. Select a button mode from the Mode drop-down list and then configure the third-party keypad. For details, refer to Configure the Button Actions.

    NOTE: The Multi Touch button is provided for third-party keypads that support multi-touch functionality. A multi-touch action occurs when multiple buttons on the keypad are pressed at the same time. Refer to the documentation provided by the manufacturer for details.

Remove a Third-Party Keypad from a Room

When a third-party keypad is removed from a room, it is placed in the gateway's device list.

To remove the keypad:

  1. Select the device.
  2. Select < Remove.