Crestron Wireless Devices

Add Crestron infiNET EX® wireless and SG wireless devices to the Crestron Home system. To add a Crestron Wireless device, pair the device with a wireless gateway and then add the device to a room.

Add a Crestron Wireless Device to a Room


  • Add a wireless gateway, such as the CEN-GWEXER or CEN-GW1 to the Crestron Home system before adding wireless device. To add a wireless gateway, refer to Gateways and Processors.
  • For best practices regarding the installation and setup of Crestron RF (radio frequency) products, refer to the Installation and Setup of Crestron RF Products Best Practices Guide (Doc. 6689) at
  • If a TSR-310 handheld remote will be added to the system, ensure that it is connected to a WAP that is in Crestron's list of recommended WAP brands. For more information and a complete list of brands, refer to the TSR‑310 Supplemental Guide at

To add a Crestron Wireless device to a room:

  1. In the Device Types menu, select Crestron Wireless.

  2. If there is more than one wireless gateway, select a wireless gateway from the Select Gateway Below menu.

  3. Select Start Pairing to place the gateway into acquire mode.

    Tip: The Acquire button on the gateway or Crestron Toolbox™ software can also be used to enter Acquire mode when using Crestron Home firmware 3.014.0087 or higher.

  4. Place the wireless device into Acquire mode. Follow the instructions that are provided with the device. The device is displayed on the gateway's device list when it is acquired.

  5. In the Select a room menu, select a room for the device.

  6. In the wireless gateway's menu, select a device and then select  Add.


    • To identify the location of a device (if supported), select  Locate. The device will flash its LED or screen to identify its location.
    • To identify paired TSR‑310 handheld remotes using the locator feature, ensure that the TSR‑310 is awake and placed on its charging dock before tapping the location button.
  7. Enter a name for the device and then select OK.

  8. To exit Acquire mode, select Stop Pairing.
  9. Configure the device after it is added to the room. Tap the gear button next to the device name to display a Settings dialog box. For details, refer to Device Settings.

Remove a Crestron Wireless Device from a Room

When a Crestron Wireless device is removed from a room, it is placed in the gateway's device list.

To remove a Crestron Wireless device from a room:

  1. Select a Crestron Wireless device.
  2. Select < Remove.

Delete a Crestron Wireless Device from a Gateway

NOTE: The device must be reacquired if it needs to be added back to the system.

To delete Crestron Wireless devices from the gateway:

  1. In the gateway's device list, select a device.
  2. Select  Delete and then OK.