Shade Groups

Use the Shade Groups screen to group multiple shade motors together. When shade motors are grouped, all shade motors in the group are controlled as one.

To view the Shade Groups screen, select Build System > Setup Shade Groups on the Setup screen or  on the setup menu.

Naming Shades

To easily identify all shades in the room, provide descriptive names for each shade. Shades in a shade group cannot be controlled individually and may be difficult to identify.

The descriptive name will help identify battery-operated shades that have low battery and require battery replacement.

Assign Shade Groups

Shade motors with matching Window Facing and Shade Type settings are included in a shade group.

NOTE:Shade groups do not span across multiple rooms. To control shade groups in different rooms at the same time, use shade scenes, Quick Actions, and events.

Group shade motors by Window Facing direction only, Shade Type only, or both Window Facing and Shade Type. For example, all shades that are assigned Window Facing: North and Shade Type: None are added to the North shade group and all shades assigned to Window Facing: South and Shade Type: Blackout are added to the South Blackout group.

To assign a shade to a shade group:

  1. In the List of Rooms menu, select a room. The shade motors in the room are displayed with their name and shade group information.
  2. Select a shade motor from the Shades in [Room] menu and then select  Settings.
  3. Select the Group tab.
  4. Select the Window Facing and Shade Type setting for the shade. Shades that are assigned Window Facing: None and Shade Type: None will not be added to a shade group.

Crestron Home Configurator Shades and Shade Groups

Shades and shade groups imported using a Crestron Home Configurator deploy code can not be edited using the Crestron Home Setup app. Shade groups that were assigned using the Crestron Home Configurator show Configurator Shade and the group name or status in the Window Facing and Shade Type fields.

Note: If the room contains shades added through the Crestron Home Setup app and the Crestron Home Configurator, the shade groups operate independently even if they share matching shade group settings.

Crestron Home Configurator Shade in a Shade Group

Crestron Home Configurator Shade Not Grouped

Voice Control

Tap the Voice Control tab to control the shade group with voice control.

NOTE: To use voice control, voice control services must be turned on and configured. For details, refer to Voice Control Settings.

  • Enable Status: Select Enable or Disable to turn voice control services on or off.
  • Description: Enter a descriptive name. The name is used by the voice control services.