Line Out Connections

Use the line out connections to set the startup volume for the output. Connections made to an audio endpoint, such as an AVR or uncontrolled amp, offer volume controls in the user interface. If the endpoint does not offer audio control, the system controls the volume using the closest device in the audio route. Line out configuration is available for DM-NAX-8ZSA, DM-NAX-4ZSP, SWAMP-24x6, SWE-8, C2N-AMP-6x100, HD-XSPA, and HD-XSP.

Note: Startup volume control and volume control for uncontrolled endpoints are available on Crestron Home version 3.017.0098 or higher.

To save the startup volume, tap  Settings next to a line output.

Line Output Configuration - Zone On

Line Output Configuration - Zone Off