Audio Return to DM NVX Receiver

Use a DM NVX® receiver to accept audio on the Audio I/O port and then route the audio over the network. This allows, for example, the audio output from a TV's local source (Smart TV app or a source directly connected to the TV) to be streamed over the network to other DM NVX and DM NAX™ devices.

Common Audio Return Application

Note: DM NVX transmitters cannot receive audio from a TV.

When a TV is configured to play audio, the audio stream over the network can be configured so that the TV receives either surround sound or stereo audio. To receive stereo audio on the TV, go to the display settings, select the Advanced tab, and then select Inputs require stereo signal. The audio route will prefer devices that support multichannel downmixing. For details, refer to Advanced Settings.

When a DM NAX device is configured to play audio, the DM NAX device must receive downmixed stereo audio.