Customize Interface Buttons

Select the color, layout, and engravings for buttons on user interface devices such as keypads and handheld remotes. The information is used to fulfull an order when custom‑engraved buttons are ordered through the Crestron Home Setup app.

To view the Actions & Events screen, select Step 5: Customize & Schedule > Customize Actions & Events on the Setup screen or on the setup menu.

NOTE: To identify the selected interface, select  Locate to turn on the location feature of the device. The locate feature is not supported on all devices.

Select a Color

To select a color:


  • Make sure that the color that is selected matches the color of the device before ordering buttons.
  • Color selection is not available for all devices.
  1. Select Color.

    Cameo Keypad, Select Color

    Horizon Keypad, Select Color

  2. Tap a color to choose the color of the selected keypad. The keypad on the left changes color and the selected color is highlighted.

Select a Button Layout

To select the button layout:


  • Install the buttons on the device prior to selecting the layout.
  • Layout selection is not available for all devices.
  1. Select Layout.

    Cameo Keypad, Select Layout

    Horizon Keypad, Select Layout

  2. To select the button layout, select Learn Layout or Choose Layout:

    Note: Choose Layout is not available for all devices.

    • Learn Layout: Select Learn Layout and then press all of the buttons on the device.

    • Choose Layout: Select Choose Layout and then select the buttons that are used on the keypad.

  3. Tap Done.

Assign Labels

To create button labels:

NOTE: The layout must be assigned prior to labeling the buttons.

  1. Select Labels.

    Cameo Keypad, Create Labels

    Handheld Remote, Create Labels

  2. Select a button on the device. For select rocker buttons, the center of the button can be labeled.
  3. Select Text, Icons, or Icons Outlined and then enter button label. To display the label on two lines, select Display as Two Lines. To use a button with an existing label, select Use Pre‑Labeled Button.

    NOTE: Icons and Icons Outlined cannot be mixed on the same button.

Assign Button Actions

To assign actions to buttons, refer to Button Actions.

Order Engraved Buttons

To order engravings, use the myCrestron RMS Services settings screen. For details, refer to myCrestron RMS Services.