Control Processor Settings - Installer

Use the Installer Settings screen to configure the Crestron Home system and the Crestron Home processor.

To view the Installer Settings screen, select System Settings Icon Settings on the Setup screen.

These system settings can be configured:

  • System Configuration: Configure system settings, system information and passwords, Ethernet settings, myCrestron RMS service settings, myCrestron deploy code import, keypad settings, restart, and factory reset. For details, refer to System Configuration.
  • Diagnostics: Troubleshoot the Crestron Home system. For details, refer to Diagnostics.
  • System Control Options: Configure the myCrestron dynamic DNS service, voice control settings, and web API settings. For details, refer to System Control Options.
  • Privacy Controls: View and select privacy settings for collecting system information. For details, refer to Privacy Controls.
  • Check for Updates: Check for and download software updates for the Crestron Home system and connected devices. For details, refer to Software Update.
  • App Settings: View and edit the settings used to connect the Crestron Home Setup app to the Crestron Home control processor.

    NOTE: Only available on the Crestron Home Setup app for Apple iPad devices.

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