Software Update

Update software for the Crestron Home control processor or the devices in the system using the Software Update screen.Use the Software Update screen to check for and download software updates for the Crestron Home system and connected devices. System updates must be initiated manually.

NOTE: All software updates must be initiated manually.

To view the Software Update screen, select Settings System Settings Icon > Check for Updates.

Update the Crestron Home Processor Software

To update Crestron Home processor firmware, follow these steps:

NOTE: A software update may take up to 30 minutes to complete, and the Crestron Home processor reboots several times throughout the update process. Therefore, updates should be performed when the system is not in use.

  1. Tap Check for Updates. The Software Update screen displays.

  2. To search for updates, tap Check for New Software. The control processor searches for software updates and indicates that updated software is available or that the software is up to date.

    NOTE: Tap i to view the software release notes.

  3. Tap Download Update, and then tap OK in the confirmation dialog.

    NOTE: The update does not install automatically.

  4. Tap Update Software. A confirmation dialog displays the release notes.

  5. Tap Update. The Crestron Home processor reboots when the software update is complete.

    CAUTION: Communication with the Crestron Home processor will be lost during the software update. Do not power down the Crestron Home processor during the software update.

Update Device Firmware

NOTE: To update Crestron Driver devices, refer to Update Crestron Drivers.

To update device firmware, follow these steps:

  1. Tap Check for Device Updates. The Crestron Home system searches for available firmware updates. Once the scan is complete, the Device Firmware Update screen presents a list of devices with recommended firmware updates.


    • To rescan for new device firmware updates, tap Check For Updates.
    • To view release notes for the firmware update, tap the information button  next to the device.

  2. Select the devices you want to update.
  3. Tap Update Selected Devices.


  • The TSW‑xx60 series touch screen running Smart Graphics mode will appear as "TSW‑xx60(Legacy)" while the TSW‑xx60 series touch screen running Crestron Home will appear as "TSW‑xx60."
  • The TSR-310 running Performance UI-OS 2S mode will appear as "TSR‑310(Legacy)" while the TSR running Performance UI-OS 3 (Crestron Home) will appear as "TSR‑310."

To return to the previous screen, tap  Back.