Local Connection Settings

Use the Local Connection Settings screen to change the Secured Device Port or to turn on or off the Legacy Device Port.

To view the Local Connection Settings screen, select System Settings Icon Settings > System Control Options > Local Connection Settings.

Secured Device Port

The Secured Device Port is used to communicate with Crestron User Interface Devices. The default port is 50001. Change the Secured Device Port if the default port is in use by the ISP and cannot be forwarded.

NOTE: On User Interface Devices, the term Local Port is used in place of Device Port.

To change the port:

  1. Enter a port number in the Secured Device Port field.
  2. Update the port on all Crestron User Interface Devices. For details, refer to User Interface Devices.

Legacy Device Port

The Legacy Device Port is used to communicate with TSW-xx52 touch screens, CEN-TRACK AM/FM/XM devices, and Remote Trigger and Listen modules. If these devices are not in the system, the Legacy Device Port is automatically disabled.

To turn the legacy device port on or off, select or deselect Legacy Device Port Enabled.