2N® Door Stations Screen

Use a Crestron touch screen to control a 2N® door station from the Crestron Home system.

To integrate a 2N door station, refer to 2N® Door Station.

Answer a Call

When the touch screen receives a call from the door station, an incoming call window opens on the touch screen with the door station name and the camera feed. If the call is declined, the call window is closed.

To answer a call:

  • Tap to answer the call.
  • Tap to decline the call.

Mute the Microphone

Tap to mute or unmute the intercom microphone.

End a Call

Tap to end the call. The call window is closed.

Recall Quick Actions

To view the available Quick Actions, select Actions . Tap a Quick Action to activate it.

Note: Quick Actions are displayed when they are enabled in the Settings for the Quick Action. For details, refer to Quick Actions.