Streaming Music Services

Streaming music services are available on systems that include DM NAX streaming amplifiers.

NOTE: For systems using Crestron Home version 3.017.0098 and earlier, the dealer must configure the music services using the web UI on the DM NAX streaming amplifier. For details, refer to DM-NAX-8ZSA product manual.

To use the music services:

  • The user must use the secure remote connection to access the home and be assigned to the Owner user role.
  • The user must be a local user.

Local users can be created using the web UI on a DM NAX device. Users created using the DM NAX Web UI and using Crestron Home version 3.017.0098 and earlier will be added as local users. Local users can be invited to connect remotely.

Use the Music Services setting to add streaming music services and manage users.

To configure music services, select More > Music Services.

Add a Music Service

To add a music service:

  1. In the Add More menu, select a music service to add.

  2. Complete the prompts to add the music service.

    Note: Select music services, such as Internet Radio and Podcasts, do not require login credentials.

Remove a Music Service

To remove a music service:

  1. In the Music Services menu, select a music service.

  2. Select Remove and then Yes, remove to confirm.