Home List

The My Homes screen displays the homes that are available to the user. Use the My Homes screen to change the view, add homes, edit connection information, and view the home status.

Home View

Display homes using a tile or list view.

To change the view, select  Tile or  List.

Homes in Tile View

Homes in List View

Home Menu

Use the home menu to view the Device Health dashboard, edit a home, or delete a home.

Device Health

View the Device Health dashboard for the home. To go to the Device Health dashboard, select  Menu and then Device Health.

Note: The Advanced User password is required to access the Device Health dashboard.

Edit Home

Change the display name or the connection settings for the home. To go to the Edit Home screen, select  Menu and then Edit.

Note: The User Interface Device password is required to change the settings.

Delete Home

Delete a home from the device. To delete a home, select  Menu, Delete, and then Delete to confirm.