Crestron Home® OS User Interface

The Crestron Home user interface runs on Crestron touch screens, iOS devices, and Android devices to provide a seamless user interface across all devices. The user interface for the Crestron Home system is populated based on the Crestron Home system configuration.

The Crestron Home interface is comprised of three main tabs: Home, Rooms, and More.

  • Home: Displays controls that apply to the entire home. For details, refer to Home Tab.
  • Rooms: Displays all of the rooms in the home to navigate to room specific controls. For details, refer to Rooms Tab.
  • More: Displays the settings for the user interface including support, legal and privacy information. For details, refer to More Tab.

Dark Mode

If Dark Mode is enabled on the Crestron touch screen, Android Device, or iOS Device, the Crestron Home app is displayed in dark mode.

Dark Mode - Home Tab


Light Mode - Home Tab


Dark Mode - Room View


Light Mode - Room View


Demo Mode for iOS Devices

Demo mode is available to provide a preview of the Crestron Home user interface. It displays a common house that utilizes quick actions; security system and climate control; house access including garage door, door lock, and gate control; and rooms with light, shade, audio, and video devices.

To exit Crestron Demo mode, tap the Exit Crestron Demo button.