Voice Settings

Use the VOICE menu to enable or disable voice control services and select the voice language.


  • To use voice commands, voice control services must be enabled for the Crestron Home system. For more information, refer to Voice Control Settings.
  • English (US and UK variants) is the only language currently supported by the TSR-310 for voice control at this time.

Tap Enabled or Disabled to enter the VOICE screen.

VOICE Screen

To enable or disable voice control:

  1. Tap Enable or Disable.

    NOTE: The TSR-310 handheld remote displays the current selection as ENABLED or DISABLED and is shown with a light blue background to indicate the voice registration status.

  2. The TSR-310 handheld remote updates the registration with the voice control provider associated with the Crestron Home system. If successful, a confirmation message is displayed.

    VOICE Screen - Registration In Progress

  3. Tap DONE to save and return to the SETTINGS screen, or the back arrow icon to return without saving.