User Names and Passwords

The Crestron Home system uses several sets of credentials to allow access to different areas of the Crestron Home system.

Crestron Home Setup app usernames and passwords:

  • Admin Credentials: Used to sign into the Crestron Home Setup app. The Admin username and password is set up using the Crestron Home Setup app.
  • Common Device Credentials: The common device credentials are stored in the Crestron Home system and assigned to devices that connect to the system using the Common Device credentials.

    NOTE: To connect to the device using Crestron Toolbox™ software and the device is connected to the Crestron Home system using the Common Device credentials, use the Common Device credentials to log in.

    • Common Device Username: Assigned to a device by the Crestron Home processor. The common device username is "chdevice".
    • Common Device Password: Set using the Crestron Home Setup app. The common device password is assigned to the device by the Crestron Home processor.
  • Advanced User Credentials: Used to access the setup and configuration screens for the system. The Advanced User credentials give the homeowners limited access to the setup and configuration screens on the system.
    • Advanced User Username: The advanced user username is "advanceduser". This username cannot be changed.
    • Advanced User Password: Set using the Crestron Home Setup app.

Crestron Home App password:

  • User Interface Device Password: Allows user interface devices (Crestron touch screens, TSR-310 handheld remotes, iOS® devices, and Android™ devices) to join the Crestron Home system. User interface devices cannot connect to the Crestron Home system if the User Interface Device Password is not set. To set the User Interface Device Password, refer to Advanced User Password.


  • After several unsuccessful login attempts, the IP address of the device is blocked from joining the Crestron Home system for 1 hour. Other devices are allowed to join during this period.
  • Create passwords using any combination of letters, numbers and symbols (ASCII-standard characters only, accents and accented characters are not supported).
  • All passwords must be unique.
  • Use Crestron Toolbox™ software to manage blocked IP addresses, change the password policy, and change the maximum login attempts.
  • To reset passwords, refer to Reset Passwords.

Password Rules

To maintain a secure system, passwords must meet certain requirements. The minimum character password requirements changed with the release of Crestron Home version 3.012.0125.

To avoid disruptions, systems upgraded from 3.011.0070 or earlier to 3.012.0125 or later will maintain the 3.011.0070 password rules. If the processor is restored to factory default settings, the updated minimum character count is enforced.

Password rules apply to the Admin, Advanced User, User Interface Device, and Common Device passwords.

Password Rules

  Version 3.011.0070

Version 3.012.0125

Without System Restore

Version 3.012.0125

After System Restore

Minimum Characters 6 6 8
Login Attempts 3 5 5


  • Resetting the passwords as described in Reset Passwords does not change the password rules.
  • A space is not a valid character. In Crestron Home version 3.012.0125, if a password with a space is entered the password will not be saved, even though a success message displays.

Reset Passwords

Reset the passwords if a password is lost or if the system is transferred to a new owner.


  • The Admin username and all other users are removed from the system.
  • When the passwords are reset, the system displays a prompt to enter a new Admin username and password.
  • After the password reset, the Advanced User, User Interface Device, and Common Device passwords must be set.

To reset the passwords:

  1. Press and hold the SW-R button on the Crestron Home processor (about 15 seconds) until the MSG LED flashes rapidly.
  2. Set the Admin username and password in the Create Admin Account dialog box.
  3. Set the Advanced User, User Interface Device, and Common Device passwords:

    NOTE: To change the Admin password, refer to Admin Password.